Identify Client Needs

In-depth conversation with client on their ideal candidate, needs of the organization, client culture
Advise on job description development & become educated on position requirements; Administer TriMetrix DNA-Benchmarking Questionnaire
Convey search timeline & stages of interview process
Schedule weekly cadence calls between Prodigy & client for search updates & candidate review
Outbound posting through Prodigy Job Board & Social Media platforms

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Research & Develop Candidate Pool

Begin prospecting and preliminary outreach which includes: established network; analogous searches; Applicant Tracking Systems
Provide an initial status report of potential targeted candidates to client within first 7-10 days
Seek client feedback on initial list before formal outreach has begun
Commence introductory phone calls for initial vetting of candidate’s background, experience and qualifications for potential consideration

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Prospecting & Submission

Continuous outbound recruitment efforts and vetting of potential candidates
At this stage, at least 2 rounds of phone interviews with Prodigy’s senior recruitment team will be completed
Detailed recommended candidate profile and resume packets will be delivered to the client within the first 3 weeks

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Refine Recommended Candidates

Facilitate client interview process (previously identified in Step One) & schedule initial phone or virtual calls for recommended candidates
Obtain client feedback
Determine finalist(s) for in-person or virtual panel interview(s)

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Complete in-person or virtual panel interviews with finalists
Administer Behavioral Assessment for all finalists
Conduct thorough reference & background checks
Present offer terms to the candidate & negotiate offer letter parameters
Release backup candidates from the process
Entire executive search process should take no longer than 90 days

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