Identify Client Needs

Become educated with client culture & position requirements
Advise on job description development
Convey search timeline
Create Job Board listing and execute Social Media strategy

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Research & Develop Candidate Pool

Preliminary Outreach which includes: Applicant Tracking systems; Established network; Analogous searches
Provide initial list to client within first 7-10 days
Commence introductory phone calls

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Prospecting & Submission

Refine initial list based on client feedback
Continue outbound recruitment efforts
In depth interviews/vetting
Deliver recommended candidates within 21 days of list submission

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Refine Recommended Candidates

Faciliate client interview process / Scheduling interiews as needed
Obtain client feedback
Determine finalist(s) for in-person interview(s)

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Complete in-person interview(s)
Conduct reference checks & background checks
Negotiate offer letter parameters
Release backup candidates

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