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We sincerely hope you and your families are in good health and focusing on your well-being during these challenging times. We are fully aware that these are difficult circumstances for everyone - from game and event cancellations and postponements to COVID-19 layoffs and furloughs. In addition, we are aware of the unjust in our society and Prodigy Search continues to encourage all to seek peace from their actions in our global fight to end racism.

Over the past few months we have observed an impressive level of resilience, camaraderie and support amidst the chaos and uncertainty. To that end, our team at Prodigy Search extends our support wherever we can. We can only hope for peace for our country, good health to all and for what we would hope to be a reassuring end to this uncertain year. Prodigy Search Stands With You.


Prodigy Search Presents

A series of candid and insightful video discussions with senior industry leaders and thought-provoking executives. Launched in April 2020, our sessions will cover a variety of relevant issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our respective businesses. The current content clearly focuses on how the industry is being adversely affected by COVID-19 and how we’re reacting to the pandemic. We hope you enjoy our various episodes.

  • We retained Prodigy Search to assist with several important executive hires on the University of Southern California campus and were beyond ecstatic with the results. The Prodigy team took the time to listen to our needs, understand the culture of our organization and truly grasp how these positions fit into the future growth and development of the USC managed LA Memorial Coliseum. The deep network they had produced a very strong list of vetted candidates. We were able to make two game-changing, executive-level hires and are appreciative of having a group like Prodigy in our corner.Joe Furin - General Manager - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

  • We pride ourselves on being one of the more progressive organizations when it comes to social and digital strategies, but we were in need of a deeply-experienced professional to fill a recently vacated void. The bar had been set high and we needed to continue our aggressive focus on these important spaces. Prodigy Search, long a partner of ours, fully understood our immediate need and tight timing and quickly assembled a list of deeply talented stars. Prodigy’s candidate pool was so deep and talented, we hired two of their candidates knowing we would always be in need of experts in this expanding area.Marty Greenspun - Senior Vice President - Strategic Ventures, New York Yankees

  • As a board member at large for Disabled Sports USA (the largest US adaptive sports organization for challenged and disabled youth and military veterans), I had the privilege of working with Prodigy Search on the successful hiring of an Executive Director in May of 2018 to succeed a long-tenured ED. When the Spencer Educational Foundation announced the search for our first-ever Executive Director role in 4Q 2018, I highly recommended that they partner with Prodigy Search, as Board Chairperson for Spencer. In prior years, Prodigy’s focus had been in sports and entertainment, however, they successfully educated themselves on the insurance and risk management industry, and the needs of our Foundation. As expected, they exceeded our expectations and their knowledge of senior-level recruiting and their diverse candidate database led us to refine the qualifications criteria for this critical hire and they provided a deep view into what is available in the marketplace. I hope to work with Prodigy Search again in the future and am pleased to serve as a client reference for this fine organization.Marya Propis - Board Chairperson - Spencer Educational Foundation